There is a guy who working in one of the soft drink company in United States for long time and dreaming about serving good American taste to people in Japan, his mother country. He is working as a soda creator specialized in making recipes and has been releasing a lot of new tastes among the US soft drink market.

Now time has come.

In 2008. Hiro Yokoo, the soft drink creator in Washington U.S.A. and Satoshi Tomoda , a president of Tomomasu Drink Co. Ltd., met through Yuichi Asaba who is creator of "Kodomo Biiru"(meaning of the brand name is Kids Beer).

Needless to say, Tomomasu Drink Co. Ltd., is one of the top independent soft drink company in Japan,who is leading Japanese soft drink trend all the time. You could say even"local cider trend" was made by them. Then, Mr. Asaba who is the father of "Kodomo Biiru". This "Kodomo Biiru" is also bottled in here Tomomasu and is one of the biggest hit in this company.

After numbers of discussion among those guys, the idea of making "taste of America" is shift to "manufacturing American style real Root Beer in Japan" as a door opener of whole "American Flavor line". They think Root Beer is the best described American taste soft drink and no one in Japan is seriously doing. Because of targeting niche market is the Tomomasu's specialty, they thought it is worth doing and this is what they should do. In 2011, project was finally started by nominating Mr. Yokoo as R&D/Project manager.

Mr. Yokoo spent almost one year to complete the best Root Beer possible recipe under the Japanese regulation with number of test batches. We believe this recipe will be pleasing both American customers and Japanese customer who even never try Root Beer before.

We say "Lazy Afternoon" American flavor line is not like traditional Japanese soft drink. This is a brand new category which is not only thirst quenching but also enjoyable like drinking Sake or wine. We offer a new way to enjoy a soft drink which is to taste thoroughly and indulging yourself just like having a dessert.

Label design was created by Tetsuya Takenomata who is also living in United States engaged in the design and packaging of certain major beverage manufacturer. As you see, this label design is perfectly matching with the concept of "Bringing one bottle of bliss in stressful society".

Just sit back and relax, indulge yourself or give yourself a reward with this premium sodas - that's "Lazy Afternoon" suppose to be.

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