Rich and Creamy Style

This is the first flavor we created in this line.

It took a number of test batches to develop the greatest recipe to delight both American customers and Japanese customers. Lazy Afternoon Root Beer is dark in color with long lasting creamy head.
It has smooth mouth feel all the way through to the end. Made with real sugar (Not High Fructose Corn Syrups!!) and carefully selected highest quality ingredients. Flavors are directly imported from U.S.
You may find a sophisticated taste of pure vanilla and hint of caramel in this gourmet beverage.
Serve well chilled. No ice, but icy glass is the best for great taste.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy a journey of rich and creamy American style Root Beer.

Ahhhhhhhhhh............ Yum!!

(Contains no alcohol - of course)


Add some scoop of vanilla ice cream into the glass with this Root Beer - it's the best Root Beer Float ever!! You're gonna love it!

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